Rep. Murphy’s First Bill Will Help Local Businesses and Economy

Springfield, IL…Less than 24 hours after being sworn-in State Representative Mike Murphy filed his first bill in the Illinois House that will provide a much-needed boost to local businesses, and our local economy. Murphy (R-Springfield) Thursday filed House Bill 270 that closes a loophole in Illinois law to help level the playing field for small brick and mortar businesses that currently lose sales to online retailers who enjoy unfair tax advantages.

“Illinois businesses with fewer than 50 employees created 83 percent of new jobs in Illinois during 2017. Small businesses will be the backbone of Illinois’ comeback, but they have trouble competing because online companies are exempt from collecting local sales tax. People will come into their businesses, find something they like and go home to purchase it online to avoid paying local sales tax,” Rep. Murphy explained.

House Bill 270 will allow home rule cities and municipalities to collect sales tax on online purchases made in their jurisdictions. This bill closes a loophole and levels the playing field for our local businesses.

“Closing this unfair loophole will help strengthen our local businesses, strengthen our local government and ultimately provide our local leaders the means to reduce our local sales tax back to previous rates,” Rep. Murphy said.

House Bill 270 is awaiting assignment to a House Committee for debate.

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