Rep. Murphy Pushes for Fair Map Amendment

This week Rep. Murphy signed-on to co-sponsor and work for passage of a resolution calling for the creation of a new redistricting process to end decades of gerrymandered legislative districts in Illinois.

House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 10 is modeled after prior Independent Map citizen initiatives. It would establish an independent, non-partisan commission to draw fair maps for legislators after each 10-year census. The Commission would be comprised of 11 randomly selected members and would hold public hearings throughout the state before and after releasing a proposed district boundary plan.

“Illinois’ current partisan map-drawing process allows whichever party is in power to draw district boundaries that heavily favor their candidates to make sure they can retain and expand their power. It’s a completely rigged system,” Rep. Murphy said. “During the campaign Governor Pritzker vowed to veto any partisan maps sent to his desk, so if other members of his party will join us we can move forward with a truly fair process in place.”

Rep. Murphy noted that all members of the House Republican Caucus are supporting the Fair Map Amendment. The measure will require 71 votes to pass the House, so only 28 Democrats need to join the effort to get the job done.