Rep. Murphy, House Colleagues Discuss School-Suggested Changes to Illinois High School Graduation Requirements Concerning Mathematics

State Representative Mike Murphy said House members this week had a very positive discussion about possible changes to mathematics requirements for graduating High School in Illinois. In a subject-matter hearing, members of the House Elementary and Secondary Education: School Curriculum and Policies Committee began the dialogue on Murphy’s House Bill 2165 that would adjust mathematics graduation requirements providing more flexibility and a greater chance of success for students.

“Current law requires that a specific number of credits be completed individually in Algebra, Advanced Algebra and Geometry, which leaves students struggling who may do very well in one area, but not another.  The suggestion brought to us by Pleasant Plains High School Principal Luke Brooks was to eliminate the individual course requirements and to simply state that the credits must be completed in qualifying mathematics courses so students can take better advantage of their personal strengths.,” Representative Murphy said.

Representative Murphy noted that the suggested change has already won the support of the Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance.  He said he looks forward to moving the discussions forward.

“Principal Brooks did a great job discussing this issue with members of the committee this week. I look forward to discussing this bill further with members of the committee and ultimately bringing it back to the committee for a vote later this session,” Representative Murphy concluded.