Rep. Murphy Supports Critically Needed Capital Infrastructure Package

Springfield…On the final night of the  101st General Assembly’s spring legislative session State Representative Mike Murphy helped pass a series of bills to address Illinois’ growing  backlog of road bridge and other infrastructure needs.

“I came to the General Assembly with a goal of doing what’s right for the people of the 99th District. I have voted against a variety of tax increases this year, and have worked with my House colleagues to get bills that would tax items like shopping bags and video streaming removed from consideration. But I also recognize the need to invest in our state’s infrastructure. Illinois is the crossroads of the United States and we must have roads and bridges that can safely and adequately support business and commerce,” Representative Murphy said.

Representative Murphy noted that Illinois has not had a comprehensive capital improvement plan since 2009. Statewide, there is a total of $27 billion in building needs for public buildings – this includes, state facilities, schools, colleges and universities, parks, libraries, and museums. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives Illinois a C- on their annual infrastructure report card, including a D for roads and transits. ASCE ranks Illinois third worst in the nation for travel delay, excess fuel consumed, truck congestion cost, and total congestion cost.

“Anyone who drives through the 99th District knows we have many roads and bridges that are seriously decayed. They are in desperate need of repair, and the capital bill approved by the General Assembly sends important funds to this region to improve the safety and integrity of our roads and bridges,” Representative Murphy added.

“The condition of Illinois’ roads, bridges and transit systems are in such a state of disrepair that we believe doing nothing will actually be more expensive than investing now, before it is too late. We applaud Representative Murphy for supporting a bipartisan program that combines pro-business reforms with revenue that is constitutionally required to fund infrastructure,” said Illinois Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Todd Maisch.

“We appreciate Representative Murphy for balancing the state’s budget and making a bold investment to rebuild our state’s crumbling infrastructure. This comprehensive budget package reduces taxes on Illinois manufacturers making it more attractive for them to invest in our state,” said Mark Denzler, President & CEO, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. 

“This year House Republicans were able to negotiate important reforms that will create jobs and increase economic opportunities throughout our state. But in exchange for these pro-growth, job creating reforms, many of us had to support the capital bill. These reforms are some of the most significant reforms we’ve ever seen for job creators, and I felt the tradeoff was in the overall best interest of the people I serve,” Representative Murphy concluded.