Rep. Murphy Named to Task Force to Create Health Care Savings

State Representative Mike Murphy (R-Springfield) has been appointed to serve on the State Sponsored Health Clinic Task Force. The task force, which was created through the passage of Murphy’s House Joint Resolution 16, seeks to improve care and create taxpayer savings through the potential creation of a health clinic for state employees.

The state of Illinois spends nearly $2 billion annually on its group health insurance program for state employees, dependents and retirees. With health insurance costs continuing to rise for both employers and employees, employer sponsored clinics are an approach being pursued by many entities to reduce costs.

“Ever rising health care costs are a serious problem we all face,” said Murphy. “These costs have a double whammy effect on thousands of residents in the 99th District since so many residents are state employees. Not only are they paying more out-of-pocket to see the doctor as costs rise, but they are also taxpayers.”

The employer sponsored clinic approach allows the employer to structure a flat rate cost between the clinic and employer for various standard medical services like lab work and annual physicals. This approach can save employees money by cutting out-of-pocket costs and curb employer costs from higher insurance plan rates.

“The positive results the city of Springfield has seen from creating an employer sponsored health clinic has led School District 186 and Sangamon County to launch a similar option for their employees,” said Murphy. “If we can implement a similar plan on the state level as well, it will not only benefit state employees, but all Illinois taxpayers.”

The State Sponsored Health Clinic Task Force will consist of ten members who will serve without compensation. They will submit their final report on how to implement a state employee health clinic to the General Assembly by December 31 of this year with the intent of pursing legislation, if necessary, to create a clinic program during the 2020 legislative session.

For more information about HJR 16 and the task force, Click Here.