Rep. Murphy Job Creation Background Tapped for Commission on Young Adult Employment

State Representative Mike Murphy (R-Springfield) has been appointed to serve on the Commission on Young Adult Employment by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs). Murphy has more than three decades of business management experience and is eager to use his knowledge to help the commission achieve its goal.

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to use my experience to help connect young job seekers to the business community,” said Murphy. “While the unemployment rate is low nationally, unemployment among young adults has remained comparatively high. This makes it increasingly important to find ways to improve employment prospects for our young people, not only to the benefit of their long-term careers, but for the health of our economy.”

As Murphy noted, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate stands at 3.7 percent, while that for 16-24 year olds sits at 9.1 percent. To improve employment opportunities, the Commission on Young Adult Employment will identify issues concerning the readiness and ability of young adults to find employment after graduating from college or otherwise completing their education.

The commission consists of seventeen members. Each legislative leader appoints four members of the commission. Members of the commission receive no compensation and it is chaired by the chair of the Chicago State University Board of Trustees. By November 30 of each year, the commission is required to submit a report to the General Assembly setting forth its findings and recommendations.

Prior to joining the legislature, Murphy served as Operations Manager for Lincoln Land Oil Company and Chief Operating Officer for O’Donuts, Inc. He then became the owner-operator of Charlie Parker’s Diner in Springfield. He also continues to serve on the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce board of directors. This wealth of experience contributed to his appointment to the commission.

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