Rep. Murphy Pushes Bill to Curb Legislator Pay Loophole

As all layers of Illinois government continue to be rocked by federal corruption investigations, State Representative Mike Murphy (R-Springfield) is pushing a measure to reform legislator pay. That measure, House Bill 818, would prevent a member of the General Assembly (GA) from receiving a full months pay if they resign before the month ends.

“It’s quite simple, if a member of the General Assembly resigns from office early, they should not get paid by taxpayers for that whole month,” said Murphy. “In the private sector, if I resigned from a job at the beginning of the month, I wouldn’t expect to be paid for the rest of the month I didn’t work, and it should be the same for legislators.”

Under current law, members of the General Assembly are paid an annual salary in twelve equal monthly installments paid on the last working day of each month. However, as Murphy referenced, current law states that a member who has held office during any part of a month is entitled to compensation for the entire month.

This pay loophole has come under scrutiny again after the recent resignation of now former State Representative Luis Arroyo (D-Chicago). News broke on October 28, 2019 that Arroyo had been arrested on federal bribery charges, but he refused to resign from the House until November 1. By delaying his resignation until November 1, he will receive a full taxpayer funded paycheck for the entire month.

To correct this loophole, Murphy’s HB 818 changes the General Assembly Compensation Act so that GA members will only be compensated for days they actually held office during a given month.

“Regardless of the reason behind a legislator’s resignation, fixing this loophole is good government,” Murphy concluded.

Murphy filed HB 818 back in January, but it was sent back the House Rules Committee. He said he hopes recent events will finally allow it to be given a fair hearing.

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