Rep. Murphy Blasts Round Two of Partisan Gerrymandered Maps

State Representative Mike Murphy (R-Springfield) issued the following statement in response to Democrats complete disregard for fair elections with the latest redistricting maps redo:

“What the Democrat majority did over the past few days and today flies in the face of open and transparent government even more so than their first sham of a redistricting process in the spring,” said Murphy. “The same diverse assortment of community groups that implored them to allow a thorough public vetting process for proposed maps were given mere hours to review the latest maps this time. Some of those groups rightly refused to participate in this gerrymandering travesty, and those that did testify rightly called the process out for the mockery that it is. This is nothing more than a clear-cut power-grab by the majority party and is precisely why politicians should not be drawing the legislative maps to pick their preferred constituents. I hope the courts will do the right thing and declare this foolishness void.”